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Our Inspiration

At Paseo Road, we’re driven by our desire to create bedding and home decor that pay homage to the history, heritage and endless beauty of the rustic world.


The core of our designs are stories: a story of the American West—and all of the characters that came with it; of tenacious adventurers conquering the Great Plains where buffalo used to roam, and traversing wooded forests and rugged-snow capped mountains fraught with danger.

Colors and Patterns

We pluck colors from the rustic world that complement the stories well. In our collections, you’ll find cobalt blue skies, dark rich soil and bedazzling Movaje Desert sunsets.


We purposefully select quality materials, construction methods and wash techniques that pay equal attention to heritage as well as comfort.

The results are both traditional designs and modern renditions that honor our heritage, history and the bountiful land we live on.

We hope you enjoy our designs. We sure enjoyed creating them.

- Scottie, Amy, Cynthia, Jon and the Paseo Road Creative Team

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