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Spring Refresh: 10 Bedding Looks That’ll Make Your Space Feel New

Spring has finally rolled in like a tumbleweed in the wind—a season ripe for renewal. As the air blooms with the refreshing energy of new life, it's only natural to want to bring that liveliness into our homes. What better place to start than your bedroom? Mosey on over to our Spring Collection and check out these 10 bedding looks that’ll make your space feel fresh as a daisy.

1. Elsa Cowhide Reversible Quilt Set

Elsa Cowhide Reversible Quilt Set

Feel most at home on the range? This cowhide-inspired design might just be the one. It’s a modern twist on Western bunkhouse bedding with a striking chocolate cowhide print that adds warmth and pure visual fun, making it the centerpiece of your bedroom.

2. Ranch Life Western Toile Quilt Set

Ranch Life Western Toile Reversible Quilt Set Quilt

Bring yourself back to countryside landscapes with this Western toile quilt set. Its heritage-inspired print of wrangling cowboys and desert wildlife harkens back to scenes of the American frontier. With a simple black-and-white colorway, it’s the perfect balance of tradition and modernity.

3. Wild Horses Reversible Quilt Set

Wild Horses Reversible Quilt Set Quilt

For something a little more playful, this reversible quilt set shows off the untamed beauty of majestic wild horses stumbling across a plush, lightweight fabric. Well suited for kids’ bedrooms, its spirited design brightens up any space with joyful color. Definitely a fun choice!

4. Windowpane Plaid Bedding Set

Windowpane Plaid Bedding Set Comforter / Duvet Cover

What happens when you put traditional aesthetics and modern sensibility together? You get this gorgeous bedding set, which puts a contemporary twist on classic plaid patterns. Its hunter green and earthy gold palette is the definition of modern rustic, a look that feels timeless regardless of the season.

5. Yosemite Reversible Quilt Set

Yosemite Reversible Quilt Set Quilt

Earthy colors, sweeping desert landscapes, and soothing visuals—that’s this double-sided quilt in a nutshell. You get a bold Aztec-inspired pattern on the front and a subdued, textured geometric reverse. Depending on your mood, it can be styled as either the centerpiece or the backdrop of your bedroom interiors.

6. Indigo Reversible Quilt Set

Indigo Reversible Quilt Set Quilt

If you’re going for understated luxury, this rich indigo-blue quilt set is your best bet. It’s woven in a pattern of raised medallions, with delicate pointillist diamonds on the other side. Opulent yet cozy, its chic print and dark color palette make it easy on the eyes.

7. Stonewashed Cotton Canvas Duvet Cover Set

Stonewashed Cotton Canvas Duvet Cover Set Duvet Cover

Nothing says vintage charm like this stonewashed quilt set. Its solid colors—ranging from earthy rust to mossy green—make a great, basic base for any ensemble. Best paired with textured textiles for a cozy and lived-in feel!

8. Toluca Canvas Bedding Set

Toluca Canvas Bedding Set Comforter / Duvet Cover

We’re not ones to shy away from bold, graphic prints. For a bedroom ensemble that pops, this quilt set features bold cattle branding symbols against a vintage white face. Plus, when it comes to durability, you can’t go wrong with high-quality cotton canvas. 

9. Home on the Range Reversible Quilt Set

Home on the Range Reversible Quilt Set Quilt

Earthy color palettes are the epitome of warmth and comfort. This quilt makes it all the better with a scenic print of grazing buffalo. With bold animal silhouettes set in warm hues, it turns a dull room into a cozy tribute to the Wild West.

10.  Patchwork Prairie Reversible Quilt Set

Patchwork Prairie Reversible Quilt Set Quilt

If you’re going for a shabby chic look, this feminine design takes a cue from traditional scrap quilting. It’s an elegant collage of vintage 19th-century florals and plaids, rendered in a cool-toned gray palette that screams sophistication.

Revamping your bedroom for spring is more than just about changing the décor—it's about imbuing your space with the liveliness of the season. These 10 bedding looks offer their own version of style, comfort, and great modern rustic design. So, get creative and don’t be afraid to play around with various designs! To see more, view the entire Spring Collection here.

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