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Rustic Sophistication: Paseo Road’s 100% French Flax Linen Collection

Rustic Sophistication: Paseo Road’s 100% French Flax Linen Collection

Rustic Sophistication: Paseo Road’s 100% French Flax Linen Collection

Choosing the right bedding can be a baffling process because there’s a ton to consider–visual design, quality of make, and material, to name a few. Most of us will immediately zone in on aesthetics, without realizing that fabric is just as important when it comes to functionality and comfort. But if you’re on a mission to find unbeatable softness and gain more restorative sleep, then French flax linen bedding is right up your alley.

What is French flax linen?

To put it simply, the rustic french flax linen is a premium, eco-friendly fabric that’s made out of woven flax fibers. Its origin plant is typically grown in France, where it thrives in the region’s naturally cool and wet climate. Upon harvesting, the fibers are separated and spun into yarn that’s then woven into a super soft and relaxed textile.

Why choose French flax linen bedding?

French flax linen ticks all the right boxes in the realms of comfort, luxury, and sustainability. If you ask us, its most recognizable benefits are its gorgeous texture and incredibly soft hand feel. For homemakers and designers with a discerning eye, these qualities make French flax linen their fabric of choice. It exudes a relaxed elegance and refined finish while still creating a cozy and lived-in ambiance that works especially well for modern rustic interiors.

French flax linen also works well for year-round use, thanks to its temperature-regulating properties. Its woven construction and lightweight fibers allow it to conduct heat for warmth and air circulation for enhanced comfort. It’s breathable enough for those scorching summer seasons, yet insulating enough for winter’s chill.

To top it all off, a western French flax linen is equally durable and soft. It’s one of those natural fabrics that only grows softer with use, but still holds its structural integrity. This makes the rustic French flax linen bedding extra delicate on the skin—great for sensitive skin types—and easier to care for than other materials.

About the Paseo Road 100% French Flax Linen Collection

Once our team encountered the marvel of a rustic French flax linen, we knew we had to bring its bounties to our customers. Our 100% French Flax Linen Collection is founded on the same values that hold up all of our creations: a legacy of quality craftsmanship, thoughtful design, and attention to detail. Each piece in this collection is carefully crafted from 100% premium rustic French flax linen and embodies the chic, modern rustic feel that is the essence of our home decor.

Not sure where to start on your rustic French flax linen journey? Check out our personal favorites:

100% French Flax Linen Variegated Stripe Duvet Cover Set

For a serene, coastal vibe in the comfort of your own home, this ocean-colored linen bedding set is the perfect choice. It features yarn-dyed variegated stripes set in light blues and earthy neutrals. The restrained pattern adds subtle texture when layered with plain-colored bedding. Casual and chic!

100% French Flax Linen Railroad Stripe Reversible Duvet Cover Set

If you prefer a more classic look, this double-sided rustic French flax linen duvet cover features basic railroad stripes on a solid-colored light beige surface. Inspired by the rustic charm of vast railroads, it livens up your space with depth and visual rhythm.

100% French Flax Linen Variegated Stripe Duvet Cover Set in Charcoal

Adding a little drama never hurts and this charcoal-and-gray duvet cover set does it flawlessly. Its stoney colors are broken up by the French flax linen fabric’s subtle, woven texture–adding just the right amount of visual interest. Plus, its variegated horizontal stripes create the illusion of a wider and more spacious bed.

100% French Flax Linen Duvet Cover Set

Who says basics have to be boring? For simplicity that screams luxury, go for the solid colors of this rustic French flax linen bedding set. Available in crisp white, subtle beige, and warm caramel, this bedding set is super easy to layer with bolder solid colors or intricate prints.

View the entire collection here.

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