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25 Best Rustic Country Kitchen Decor Ideas For Your Kitchen

Looking to give your kitchen a long-awaited rustic country kitchen makeover? Look no further. In this article, we’re going through our favorite rustic country kitchen decor ideas you can try for your home.

But before we share our top rustic kitchen ideas, let’s first talk about what makes up a “country kitchen” and what essential country rustic kitchen decor elements we’ll focus on.

What Is A Country Kitchen?

A country kitchen is a rustic and cozy style of kitchen design inspired by the traditional farmhouse kitchens of the countryside. Country kitchen decor typically features natural wood elements, vintage-inspired accents, and a warm and inviting color palette.

One popular variation of the country kitchen is the country rustic farmhouse kitchen, which combines the rustic charm of the countryside with the practicality and functionality of modern rustic kitchen decor. The small rustic kitchen, another popular variation of the country kitchen, is a hit with homeowners who want to achieve the cozy and inviting feel of a country kitchen despite the limited space. These small rustic kitchen ideas often include creative storage solutions, smart design elements, and a mix of vintage and modern rustic kitchen decor.

In summary: wood, vintage accents, and warm, inviting colors. Those are all the country kitchen decorations you need to keep in mind when you want to decorate a vintage country kitchen. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the best rustic kitchen ideas:

1. Choose a natural all-neutral color scheme

If you want your kitchen to have that warm and cozy feel that comes with a country rustic farmhouse kitchen, you should coordinate a nature-inspired, all-neutral color scheme!

One way to do this is by using natural wood elements such as reclaimed wood for the cabinets, countertops, or even walls. If you have a tiny kitchen, incorporating the natural wood grain and texture is one of the most accessible small country kitchen ideas to add interest to the neutral color palette.

Another way to achieve a rustic country kitchen using an all-neutral color scheme is by using natural stone, such as granite or marble, for the countertops. These materials add a unique and natural look to the kitchen and pair beautifully with modern rustic kitchen decor. Finally, you can mix different textures, such as rough-hewn wood, smooth stone, and woven textiles for added depth and interest.

2. Add distressed wood and/or metal accents

Distressed wood adds a natural touch to the space, while metal creates an industrial feel. Combining wood and metal vintage kitchen decor is a great way to add a sense of age and history to the space while at the same time creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your kitchen.

Distressed wood can be used in various ways to create a rustic country look in your kitchen, whether you’re designing for a wide, open kitchen or looking for small country kitchen ideas. For example, you can use it for your cabinets, countertops, or even as a backsplash. You can even hang wooden picture frames of your favorite memories on the wall for a personal touch.

Similarly, metal accents such as wrought iron or galvanized steel can achieve a rustic industrial style kitchen. You can use metal accents in a variety of ways, such as incorporating metal hardware on your cabinets, using metal serving trays, adding metal sconces on your walls, or adding a metal light fixture above your kitchen island. Additionally, you can add a vintage or reclaimed touch by incorporating metallic vintage kitchen decor like an old-fashioned sink or a vintage metal cabinet.

3. Place a rustic basket on the counter for holding fruit

rustic fruit basket

Nothing says “homely” like a basket full of fruit on a kitchen counter. It’s one of the simplest and easiest small country kitchen ideas to add a touch of farmhouse charm to any vintage country kitchen. Moreover, a rustic fruit basket can also be used as a focal point in the kitchen. Placing it in a prominent spot in the kitchen, such as on the kitchen island or on a windowsill, can draw the eye and add visual interest to the space.

Choose fruit baskets made from natural materials like wicker or wood (or metal if you’re going for a rustic industrial style kitchen). Also, you can choose rustic designs such as wooden accents, antlers, and others to complete a country chic kitchen decor look. You don’t even have to use fruit—it could be vegetables, bread, or even eggs.

4. Display a set of rustic canisters on the counter for storing dry goods

rustic canisters

Canisters for dry goods and condiments are another easy way to decorate your country rustic farmhouse kitchen. Aside from being decorative, it also serves as a piece of functional country chic kitchen decor since it allows you to easily access often-used ingredients or condiments while cooking. Place them on your kitchen counter or the windowsill to add a charming rustic touch to the entire room.

Choose rustic-themed canister sets with ranch cowboy motifs, nature-inspired elements, Aztec designs, and the like. If you want a vintage look, look for canisters with distressed metal or aged wooden accents to fit the vintage kitchen decor look. But if you’re aiming for a modern rustic kitchen decor look, we recommend canister sets with neutral palettes and modern geometric patterns.

For longevity (and food safety), you should choose a canister set made of durable materials such as thick resin or ceramic. It’s also good to look for canisters with secure lids and silicone gaskets to keep the food fresh and clean.

5. Add a touch of wilderness to your kitchen with antler kitchen decor

antler kitchen decor

If you’re looking for rustic kitchen ideas that scream “rustic,” go for antler-themed kitchen decor. Antler decor are versatile country kitchen decorations since you can incorporate them into your rustic country kitchen in many ways.

Here’s a fun one: refresh your kitchen cabinet and drawers with antler-themed drawer handles and knobs. You can even take it a step further and replace your kitchen doors with antler door handles!

Aside from the antler basket we mentioned earlier, you can also place various antler-themed country chic kitchen decor and serveware on your kitchen counter, like a paper towel holder, corkscrew, and other kitchen accessories.

6. Place a rustic table runner on the counter or table

Placemat and table runner

Whether as a centerpiece or a functional tablecloth, table runners add an elegant decorative element to your vintage country kitchen. Also, table runners are surprisingly versatile. Aside from your table or counter, you can decorate them as wall hangings or shelf liners if you want to shake up your kitchen interior.

Table runners come in different designs, shapes, and sizes. Of course, since we’re going for a rustic country kitchen, you’ll want to focus on rustic designs. You can choose one with an all-neutral palette to match your interiors or one with bright, bold colors to act as a statement piece.

7. Bring together a rustic table setting with coordinating rustic dinnerware

Part of a stylish rustic country kitchen setting is a gorgeous table where you can gather around for meals and drinks. To achieve this, you need to coordinate the ideal rustic dinnerware.

There are plenty of dinnerware with different designs to choose from, such as nature-themed sets, ranch-inspired collections, colorful Southwestern styles, and more. You can create a cohesive table setting with pieces from the same set, or mix and match plates, bowls, serving platters, and other pieces to achieve a unique look.

You also have to consider what material is suited to you and your family’s needs. If you prefer eating inside, ceramic dinnerware will be an elegant choice. But if you like eating outdoors every now and then, you may wish to consider melamine dinnerware.

8. Use coordinating rustic mugs and coasters

rustic mugs

Even small, simple country kitchen decorations like mugs and coasters can add to the overall rustic feel of your country rustic farmhouse kitchen.

For starters, look for stoneware or ceramic mugs. These are made from natural materials that fit in with the rustic aesthetic we’re targeting. Next, find the right mug design that fits your rustic country kitchen’s theme. You can go for mugs with earthy, neutral colors, vibrant palettes, geometric prints, or even ones painted with nature motifs.

Next, find coasters that complement your mugs. There are different types of coasters to choose from — leather coasters, wooden coasters, and our favorite, natural stone coasters. Natural stone coasters are usually made of travertine, a durable and absorbent type of stone.

Depending on which theme you’re going for, you can choose coaster sets that feature nature-inspired elements (such as a pine tree forest, woodland creatures, or desert flora) for a country kitchen feel. You can also choose Aztec-inspired prints (if you want them to match your other modern rustic kitchen decor) or other rustic motifs.

9. Add a set of rustic candle holders to the counter or table

rustic candle holders

A set of rustic candle holders is the perfect country chic kitchen decor if you want to add a touch of romance to your rustic country kitchen! Incorporating candles is also one of the best small rustic kitchen ideas if you want a cozy and intimate kitchen atmosphere.

Candle holders come in different shapes and sizes. If you want to use a rustic candle holder as a centerpiece, choose a larger one with a standout design. But if you want a minimalist country rustic kitchen decor look, choose a more subtle design that blends in with your kitchen. You can choose rugged designs that incorporate barbwire or metal conchos or more elegant designs that feature floral metalwork or antler motifs.

10. Display a set of rustic mugs on open shelves

If you’ve got a bunch of mugs that you aren’t using, why not turn them into charming country kitchen decorations for your kitchen? Open shelves make the kitchen look minimalist, but creating an eye-catching display of rustic mugs brings visual interest and character to the whole room.

You can arrange your mugs by size or color for a coordinated look. You can also mix and match different rustic mugs to create a unique look. If you’ve got a tiny kitchen, a rustic mug display is one of the easiest small rustic kitchen ideas to achieve a cozy, homey feel.

11. Arrange a set of rustic serving bowls and plates on open shelves

rustic serving bowls and plates

Since open shelves are popular with rustic country kitchens, here are more small country kitchen ideas you can try with them! If you’ve got some spare bowls and plates in storage, it may be time to dust them off and turn them into lovely country rustic kitchen decor.

Similar to the previous tip, you can arrange by size, color, or design. And if you want a more cohesive look, you can place an entire dinnerware set along your shelves. Make sure you set up secure hooks and stands so that your dishes won’t fall off easily!

12. Incorporate a rustic serving tray

    A rustic serving tray can be a great country rustic kitchen decor idea for a touch of vintage charm. Look for one made from reclaimed wood for a vintage country kitchen vibe or metal for a rustic industrial style kitchen look.

    Aside from serving food, serving trays can be used as a decorative display piece to hold a variety of bobs and trinkets. Place the serving tray on your kitchen counter or dining table as a centerpiece. And if you’re looking to maximize your limited kitchen space, you can pair it with other small country kitchen ideas like a rustic flower vase or canister sets.

    13. Add a rustic pottery vase filled with fresh plants or flowers to the counter

    rustic pottery vase filled with fresh plants

      Flowers and plants are always a great addition to any space, regardless of whether you’re looking for small country kitchen ideas or have a big, wide kitchen you can experiment with. If you want your kitchen to look natural and lively, a vase of fresh greenery will do the trick!

      To fit into your kitchen’s theme, choose a flower vase with a rustic design. Stoneware or ceramic vases are a good option since natural materials complement the greenery very well. But if you want something different and fun, you can opt for cowboy boot vases or repurposed galvanized buckets to achieve a country rustic kitchen decor look.

      14. Hang a rustic wine rack on the wall or display them on the counter

      rustic wine rack

        Want to show off your wine collection? Installing rustic-themed wine racks on your wall or displaying them on your kitchen counter is a great rustic country kitchen decor idea. Choose wine racks made from natural wood, metal, or stone to fit the rustic aesthetic.

        You can also go for wine racks decorated with antlers, conchos, barbwire, and other rustic motifs.

        15. Place rustic-themed rugs on your kitchen floor

          Rugs are a great rustic country kitchen decor idea if you want to add some warmth and texture to your rustic country kitchen. Since rugs come in different materials and sizes, you should look for one that fits the rest of your country kitchen decorations and theme.

          If you’ve got a big, wide kitchen, an area rug adds character and depth to the entire room. But if you’ve got a small kitchen with limited space, door rugs are one of the best small country kitchen ideas. As for the design, you could pick out rugs with palettes similar to your interiors or ones with bold color schemes for a bright pop of color. Consider rugs that feature designs and themes like barbwire, floral scrollwork, animal silhouettes, geometric prints, and many more. You can place them along door frames, near your sink, or before your fridge.

          16. Hang charming rustic pot holders on the kitchen wall

            Don’t underestimate the power of something as small as a pot holder. Hanging rustic pot holders on your walls can add a cozy, homely feel to your country rustic farmhouse kitchen.

            Add a charming natural touch with pot holders that showcase motifs like forest animals, Aztec-inspired patterns, desert elements, and the like. And if you want a ranch-inspired look, pot holders detailed with barbwire, cattle brands, embroidered stars and crosses, and similar motifs are perfect for that.

            17. Drape your windows with stylish rustic-themed kitchen valances

            rustic-themed kitchen valances

              One of the easy-to-do small country kitchen ideas you can try is to drape your windows with rustic-themed kitchen valances. These window treatments are a great way to add texture and color to your kitchen while also blocking out some of the sun's rays.

              Kitchen valances come in different silhouettes and materials. You can pick out ones with straight edges, fringed ends, or scalloped silhouettes. And for the material, the most common is regular cloth, but you can add an extra touch of rustic with faux leather or faux suede valances.

              18. Add a rustic planter with herbs to the windowsill

                In addition to our earlier tip for kitchen greenery, adding a rustic planter to your windowsill brings a farm-inspired rustic charm. You can start your own small herb or spice garden in them.

                And if you want a vintage look, you can go DIY. No need to buy planters from your local stores—you can repurpose old galvanized buckets, old wooden crates, and other things that can serve as a container for plants.

                19. Hang a set of rustic dish towels on a bar or hook

                  Like pot holders, dish towels can serve as not only decorative but also functional rustic country kitchen decor for your rustic country kitchen.

                  If you’ve got a neutral-color kitchen, you may want to look for dish towels with earth-tone, nature-inspired motifs of forests and forest creatures. But if you want something more colorful and lively, you can always go for brightly colored dish towels that feature colorful Aztec-inspired patterns or vibrant floral prints.

                  20. Add a basket for holding firewood next to the stove

                    Even if you don’t have one of those old-fashioned stoves, a basket full of firewood in your kitchen gives off a rugged “in the woods” vibe. You can place the basket beside the stove or near the kitchen door.

                    Choose baskets made out of sturdy natural materials like wicker or jute. But if you want to go DIY, you can reuse old wooden crates. Repaint them to fit your kitchen’s color scheme or use them as is for a cozy vintage kitchen decor look.

                    21. Adorn your kitchen walls with rustic wall art and decor

                    rustic wall art and decor

                      If you have plain, boring walls, rustic wall art and decor are the perfect country chic kitchen decor to bring a touch of charm and character to your kitchen.

                      Consider using vintage kitchen decor or antique wall signs like metal-studded crosses for a rustic industrial style kitchen or distressed wood crosses for a vintage country kitchen feel. You can also decorate with wooden wall art featuring forest animals like bears, moose, or deer if you want a cabin-in-the-woods vibe. And if you want something more ranch and farm-related, consider horse-themed wooden or metal wall decor.

                      22. Use mason jars for storing snacks or ingredients

                        Ah, the ever-versatile mason jar. They can be used for various purposes, are relatively cheap and easy to find, and are a perfect fit in a country rustic farmhouse kitchen setting. One of the easiest ways to incorporate mason jars into your kitchen is to store your snacks or ingredients for quick and easy access. They can also be used to display vintage kitchen decor, such as antique silverware or vintage-inspired knick-knacks.

                        Aside from that, they can also be used as rustic country kitchen decor. Just fill them with small stones or decorative beads and place them on your counter or dining table for decoration. This is one of the best small rustic kitchen ideas to add a charming touch to any small kitchen space.

                        23. Let (more) natural light into your kitchen

                          Natural light does wonders for your kitchen (or any part of the house, really)! Aside from improving the lighting in your kitchen, it brings out a light and airy feel, which beautifully complements rustic kitchen interiors. It’s the original eco-friendly lighting option and one of the best small rustic kitchen ideas since it can also make your kitchen look spacious.

                          If you’re using heavy or thick curtains for your windows, it’s best to remove them or just replace them with kitchen valances instead.

                          24. Hang a rustic wreath on the wall or above the stove

                          rustic wreath

                            Hanging a rustic wreath in your kitchen brings a homey feel to your rustic country kitchen. You can buy rustic wreaths from stores or simply DIY one for yourself. And if you want to add a vintage touch to your kitchen decor, you can look for vintage-inspired wreaths that use materials such as dried flowers and leaves or even antique doorknobs to give your kitchen a unique and charming vintage kitchen decor look.

                            The best thing about rustic wreaths is that they can be made with different materials, from pine cones to dried flowers and leaves, making them one of the easiest small rustic kitchen ideas to try and a great way to incorporate vintage kitchen decor into your rustic kitchen.

                            25. Hang a rack by the door for hanging aprons and other kitchen essentials

                              A kitchen rack is a stylish and functional rustic country kitchen decor idea if you want to bring a touch of rustic charm to your kitchen. You can use it to hang aprons, kitchen towels, oven mitts, pot holders, and other kitchen essentials.

                              Pick out rustic hanging racks made from wood or metal featuring rustic motifs like arrows, ranch animals, nature-themed elements, and more. You can place it above the sink, near the kitchen door, or anywhere easily accessible.

                              And that’s a wrap for our list of decorative rustic kitchen ideas! Whether you’re looking for small rustic kitchen ideas or decor tips for a large, modern rustic kitchen, there are plenty of decor ideas to choose from. With a bit of creativity and effort, you can create a beautiful and inviting rustic country kitchen that will be the heart of your home.

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