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30 Best Rustic Christmas Decor Ideas For Your Ideal Holiday Home

With Christmas rapidly approaching, you might be on the hunt for rustic Christmas decor ideas to make your home feel more like the North Pole. If so, you've come to the right place, as we're listing down some of our favorite rustic Christmas decorations for your home.

Rustic style comes in many different variants. Depending on the look you want to achieve, we’ve grouped our rustic Christmas decorating ideas into four styles — Western, farmhouse, country, and cabin & lodge chic.

All set? Let’s start!

Western Rustic Christmas Decor

1. Swap in warm, thick bedding sets

One of the easiest and quickest Western Christmas decor ideas for your bedroom is switching out your thin summer sheets for bedding made of warm textiles, like faux leather, faux suede, chenille, flannel, or wool bedding.

With chilly weather outside, there’s no better time to make your bedroom extra cozy by bringing layers upon layers of pillows, shams, and throws. Mix and match Christmas and Western motifs to nail that Western Christmas decor theme.

2. Use a cowboy boot vase for your Christmas greenery

cowboy boot vase

Nothing screams “cowboy Christmas” quite like a cowboy boot vase. It’s one of our favorite rustic Christmas decoration ideas because it adds a fun yet tasteful element to your home.

Use it as a rustic accent planter and fill it up with various types of holiday greenery. You can either add in a traditional evergreen like pine or holly, or mix things up with some dried wheat, corn stalks, or cotton stems.

If you’re on a budget, you can just repurpose old, worn-out cowboy boots you may have. No matter what you choose, this is sure to be a unique addition to your rustic Christmas decor.

3. Decorate with Western candle holders

If you want to give your home a warm and cozy cowboy Christmas feel, decorating with candles and Western-style candle holders is a great choice for rustic holiday decor.

You can choose from a variety of designs, but it’s important that you pick candle holders with distressed wood or metal detailing or Western motifs like silver studs or conchos to get that vintage, rustic look.

4. Incorporate burlap decor and accents

burlap decor

Burlap is a key fabric in rustic design, so it's no surprise that it’d be included on our list of rustic Christmas decorations.

Burlap makes fantastic rustic holiday decor since it can be used for so many things. What we like to do is decorate our sofas and beds with some Christmas burlap pillows detailed with Western motifs like horses, buffalos, or arrows. Then, just add in some accent pillows in winter colors (like red and green), and you’re done!

If you’re up for a small DIY project, you can trim some burlap ribbons for decoration or sew up a burlap table runner to add a rustic touch to your dining table. Another idea is to make a burlap tree skirt for your Christmas tree.

Whatever you come up with, burlap is sure to be a versatile Western Christmas decor element for your home.

5. Make a Western-themed garland

Another easy-to-incorporate Western Christmas decor element is a Christmas garland decorated with Western motifs.

This one’s really easy to make and is a fun project with the kids. Just style up a regular garland with lots of cowboy Christmas motifs like cowboy boot or horseshoe cutouts, mini cowboy hats, jute twine, burlap ribbons, and others. No rules here, just get creative!

Once you’re done, you can place your garland wherever you like — along your mantelpiece, along your staircase railings, around the door frame, and in other places that you think need a touch of rustic holiday decor.

6. Hang up cowboy boot-shaped stockings

Here’s another fun Western Christmas decor idea — cowboy boot-shaped stockings! You can either buy these online or make your own using some felt or burlap and a bit of sewing. Once you have your cowboy boot stockings, simply hang them up by the fireplace or on a rustic Christmas stocking holder.

You can also have each member of the family decorate their own stocking. Add elements like studs, conchos, embroidery, and other Western embellishments for a more cowboy Christmas-y look.

7. Add some Western-inspired Christmas tree ornaments

If you want to really get into the cowboy Christmas spirit, you'll need some Western-themed Christmas tree ornaments. You can purchase these online or in-store. If you’re feeling crafty, you can make some on your own!

Here are some ideas to get you inspired:

  • Burlap ribbons
  • Horseshoe ornaments
  • Nestled rustic picture frames of your favorite memories
  • Twisted rope garlands
  • And finally, a cowboy hat tree topper instead of the usual star

Farmhouse Rustic Christmas Decor

1. Aim for a winter wonderland-inspired palette

A farmhouse-style home is one of the easiest rustic styles to decorate for Christmas because you can easily transform its cool, neutral palette to a winter wonderland-inspired one.

All you need to do is add farmhouse Christmas decor in cool shades of silver, blue, or green. Then, to balance out the cool tones, add warm pops of reds and oranges for a touch of cozy.

It’s important that you pick out a winter palette you like and stick to it when you’re thinking up farmhouse rustic Christmas decorations for your home. This way, you’ll end up with well-coordinated and picture-perfect Christmas rustic decor!

2. Incorporate galvanized metal buckets

One of the easiest to incorporate farmhouse Christmas decor is galvanized metal buckets! It’s a great way to rustle up some Christmas cheer while also giving your home a rustic farmhouse look.

Fill the buckets with other farmhouse rustic Christmas decorations like greenery, pinecones, berries, and even a mini Christmas tree. You can even wrap them in some burlap strips or jute twine for a bit of decor.

Place them around your fireplace mantel or windowsills for an instant holiday makeover. Use it in your bedroom for extra storage of bedding pieces like quilts, throws, or pillows.

3. Add woven baskets

If you think galvanized buckets don’t go with your rustic Christmas decor, you can decorate with woven baskets instead. Similar to galvanized buckets, they make the perfect farmhouse Christmas decor as you can use them to store firewood, blankets, or even holiday pillows.

They also make great gift baskets! Fill them with goodies like baked goods, jams, or even a festive mug and some hot cocoa mix. Tie some ribbons or fabric strips to style them up and you’ve got yourself a pretty, homemade, gift-ready basket.

4. Deck your walls with rustic winter signs or wooden wall decor

wooden wall decor

Rustic farmhouse signs and wooden wall decor are fantastic farmhouse rustic Christmas decorations great way to add some holiday cheer to your home.

Hang up signs that read “Merry Christmas”, “Let it Snow”, or even “Jingle All the Way”. You can find these signs made out of wood, metal, or even burlap — so pick out ones that complement your rustic holiday decor.

For other wall decors, you can decorate with deer or moose cut-outs or similar wall decor made with weathered wood for a rustic vintage feel. To make them a bit more Christmas-y, decorate them will hollies, pine cones, and other Christmas greenery.

Wall decors are very versatile and can be placed almost anywhere in your home, like near your entryway to greet guests. They also make great living room rustic Christmas decorations since they can make the room cozier with a touch of holiday spirit.

5. Incorporate buffalo check

buffalo check

The buffalo check pattern is a must for farmhouse rustic Christmas decorations. You can find it on everything from shams and bedding sets to curtains and even Christmas stockings.

No need to restrict your buffalo check-themed Christmas rustic decor to just your bedroom or living room, too — achieve a coordinated home look by decorating your bathroom with shower curtains and bath accessories or your kitchen with kitchen rugs, mug sets, and tableware.

What’s more, the buffalo check is a classic farmhouse pattern, so you can even keep some of your decor even after Christmas.

6. Introduce the classic ticking stripe to your home

Another classic winter pattern for your farmhouse home is the ticking stripe! It’s a simple yet stylish pattern that pairs well with neutrals and cool colors — perfect for your home’s winter palette.

The ticking stripe also pairs well with farmhouse Christmas decor in different patterns and textures. Mix and match ticking stripe-themed bedding sets, pillows, shams, and other pieces for a cozy Christmas-themed bedding ensemble. You can also decorate your dining tables with ticking stripe rustic dinnerware, like mugs, bowls, and plates, and other ticking stripe farmhouse rustic Christmas decorations for your dining room.

7. Layer on lots of pillows and shams

pillows and shams

The farmhouse style is all about being cozy, and a big cushy pile of pillows and shams is a great idea for farmhouse Christmas decor. Layering pillows adds extra warmth and coziness to your home during the cold winter months.

To make it rustic, look for pillows made out of warm fabrics like burlap, wool, cotton, or even flannel. And don't be afraid to mix and match different patterns and textures!

Country Rustic Christmas Decor

1. Freshen up your home with Christmas greenery

The country rustic style emphasizes natural elements in your home, so adding Christmas greenery is one of the best country Christmas decorating ideas you can incorporate.

Pinecones, evergreens, and holly are all great choices for Christmas rustic decor. You can use them to decorate your mantelpiece, staircase, or front door. You can also string them up as garlands or add them to wreaths and centerpieces.

Grab a rustic-themed vase (like a tooled leather-detailed vase or that cowboy boot vase we mentioned earlier) and fill it up with various winter flora to make a beautiful table centerpiece.

Be creative! There are tons of things you can do with holiday greenery, making them the perfect add-on for a lot of country-style Christmas decorations.

2. Incorporate wooden crates

Wooden crates are fantastic country Christmas decorations since they’re an easy way to add some vintage, country charm to your rustic Christmas decor.

Aside from being inexpensive alternatives for extra storage, wooden crates can be painted or decorated with various Christmas ornaments. Make them a fun DIY project with the whole family and decorate them with paint, patterned ribbons and bows, and rope or twine wrappings.

Wooden crates also make for great living room rustic Christmas decorations because you can use them to hold firewood by the fireplace or as a planter for a mini Christmas tree.

Once Christmas is through and done, all you need is a fresh coat of paint so you can reuse them again for your home or as gift baskets.

3. Add plaid-themed decor and accents

Plaid is another popular and versatile choice for country Christmas decorations! You can use plaid almost everywhere in your home:

On the other hand, you can also spice up your existing country Christmas decorations by DIY-ing plaid accents like ribbons, buttons, or trims.

The best part about plaid is its versatility and timelessness. It supersedes country style and is in the pantheon of timeless rustic patterns. This means that you can also incorporate plaid in lots of other rustic Christmas decorating ideas without fear of overusing, so just have fun with it!

4. DIY a reclaimed wooden Christmas tree

If you're looking for unique country Christmas decorating ideas, consider making your own DIY reclaimed wood Christmas tree. This is a great project if you have some extra wood lying around, and it'll add a rustic touch to your existing holiday decor.

You can show off your creative side by painting it different colors or collaging different wood scraps to truly unique work of Christmas art. To top it all off, you can decorate with country-style Christmas decorations like rope garlands, holiday greenery, jute ribbons, and others.

5. Fill mason jars with festive decorations

One of the cheaper and easier-to-do rustic Christmas decorating ideas, mason jars are a popular choice for country Christmas decorations because of the many things you can do with them.

First, you can place candles inside the mason jars and place them on your tables or dressers to add soft ambient lighting to your room. Regular candles are fine too, but just to be on the safe side, we recommend faux candles instead.

Another idea is to fill them with evergreens, holly, and other Christmas greenery to create a beautiful centerpiece for your dining or coffee table. You can also use them to store winter-themed treats like candy canes or gingerbread cookies in your kitchen.

Aside from being decorations, mason jars can also be used as homemade gift containers. Use burlap wraps and string up a Christmas gift card with a ribbon or jute twine and voila — you now have an adorable and unique Christmas gift delivery vehicle that screams “I hand-made this with love and care, just for you!”

6. Wrap your staircase with a beautiful winter garland

Earlier, we talked about how adding holiday greenery to your home is one of the best country Christmas decorating ideas. One fantastic and elegant way to do this is to wrap your staircase with a gorgeous winter-themed garland. You can do it the easy way (buying a garland from a store) or the fun way — by making your own!

For the DIY route, all you need to do is gather up different Christmas greenery like pine needles, cedar, evergreens, holly, etc. and incorporate them into your garland. Next, decorate it with various Christmas ornaments like ribbons, candles (battery-operated ones, just to be safe), baubles, and others. Make it as simple or as grand as you like!

7. Cozy up your mantelpiece

Your fireplace mantel is a great place to add some country Christmas decorations. Consider adding rustic Christmas decor like a burlap banner with a Christmas message, evergreen garlands, stockings, and candles. You can also hang wreaths or greenery from the mantel for a more festive look.

8. Welcome guests with a gorgeous holiday wreath

Christmas is usually the time when we have a lot of family and guests over. What better way to greet them with holiday cheer than a beautiful wreath placed on your front door?

It’s one of the most versatile country Christmas decorating ideas because you can make a wreath just the way you want it for your home. Just pick out your favorite winter greens and style them into your wreath. It adds pops of color when you include colorful baubles, ribbons, or Christmas holly.

…Or if you’re super busy, you can always buy pre-decorated ones in stores.

Mind you, a holiday wreath isn’t just for the farmhouse look, so don’t be afraid to experiment with your wreath decor if you want to try something different!

Cabin & Lodge Rustic Christmas Decor

1. Decorate with antler-themed decor or accents

antler-themed decor

Antler decor are the perfect rustic addition to any cabin Christmas decor. They add a touch of whimsy and festivity and can be incorporated into your home in lots of ways.

If you’re having trouble thinking up living room rustic Christmas decorations, you can decorate your center table with an antler decorative basket filled with winter greens and candles or with elegant antler candle holders to give your room soft ambient lighting. For your bathroom, you can incorporate antler-themed bath accessories to really cement that lodge Christmas vibe. And lastly, for your dining room, you can get creative and use antler wine racks, paper towel holders, tea towels, and more.

2. Layer on lots of throws and blankets

throws and blankets

Another log cabin Christmas decor must-have is cozy throws and blankets. Not only do they add extra warmth and comfort, but they also look great draped over couches and chairs. Choose rich jewel tones or classic winter patterns like plaid or check to capture that authentic cabin feel.

You can also mix and match different textures and combine blankets and throws made out of faux fur, wool, chenille, cotton, and other warm fabrics. Just don’t go overboard or else it’ll end up looking like a dirty laundry pile! Always keep in mind your home’s palette and decor.

3. Stack up some firewood

Yes, even firewood can be used as cabin Christmas decor. If you have a fireplace, take advantage of it and stack up some logs outside. Not only will it keep your home nice and toasty (when lit, of course), but it also looks picturesque. You can even use smaller pieces of wood as part of your log cabin Christmas decor by turning them into DIY rustic Christmas signs.

On the other hand, you can also pile up some firewood on your porch. This makes for a great rustic Christmas decoration, and it's also practical since you'll have easy access to wood when you need it.

4. Add soft lighting with candles

lighting with candles

Candles are a must in any log cabin Christmas decor since they can create a warm and inviting ambiance, and make your home feel extra cozy. Place them on windowsills, tables, or on top of your fireplaces. You can even use them as part of your front porch decoration by lining them up on the steps leading to your door.

Here’s a better idea: use scented candles! Choose nostalgic winter scents like pine, cinnamon, and mint to make your home fresher, smell better, and feel more lodge Christmas-y.

5. Drape over cabin-themed Christmas quilts

If you want to add a truly cabin-esque feel to your home, then consider draping over some Christmas quilts. Plus, they make for great conversation starters when guests come over.

These quilts come in a variety of cabin-themed designs — like pine trees or forest wildlife — so it’s just a matter of finding one that fits your current cabin Christmas decor. Or if you want to be more subtle and just stick to colors and patterns, choose a quilt with a warm red-brown palette or an Aztec-inspired quilt. Then, to finish off the cozy cabin look, just layer on matching pillows and shams.

6. Lay out a thick, fluffy rug in front of the fireplace

When the weather’s this chilly, there’s nothing better than curling up next to a fireplace with a warm drink in hand. And that’s why a fluffy rug to sit on is another must-have log cabin Christmas decor for your home.

This will add an extra layer of warmth and comfort to your place, and it also looks great. Choose a faux fur rug for that cabin chic look or a woolen rug for a more traditional cabin feel.

7. Repurpose your old skiing equipment

No need to go all-out on a cabin Christmas decor-buying spree. Your old skiing or snowboarding equipment will work wonderfully! Here are some inexpensive decor ideas to achieve that ski lodge Christmas theme:

  • Use your old ski boots as planters! Place a small jar inside your ski boots and fill it up with evergreens, pine needles, and other holiday greenery you’d think would look good in your home.
  • Place your old wooden snow sled on your porch. The older it looks, the better since it gives off a vintage, rustic feel. If you feel like it, you can decorate it with some plaid or check ribbons and bows for an extra kick of holiday cheer.
  • Similarly, you can prop up your skis and poles anywhere you feel they might need a touch of decor. You can place them on your porch, by your entryway, or even in your living room beside the fireplace.
  • This one requires a bit of DIY: turn your old snowboard into a hanging rack. All you need are hooks, screws, and a drill. Decorate it with garlands or holly for that holiday look. Once Christmas is over, you can keep it in your home as a fully functioning key, coat, or bag rack!

8. Don't forget to decorate your front porch!

Your log cabin Christmas decor won't be complete without some festive touches on your front porch.

Here are some rustic Christmas decorating ideas you can try: hang up a wreath on your door, string some fairy lights around the railing, and place a few potted plants to add a touch of color. Add that stack of firewood we mentioned earlier for a picturesque, traditional cabin look.

And that's the end of our list of the best rustic Christmas decorating ideas. We hope you found some inspiration from this and that you'll be able to create your perfect holiday home!

Even though we grouped the ideas under different rustic styles, don’t be afraid of mixing and improvising your own ideas. Just have fun with it and enjoy decorating!

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